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The Pink Ivy League is a network of female and non-binary artists and music business professionals. Our goal is supporting, cooperating and inspiring each other to contribute to an equal music industry.

We establish a network where members help and support each other in a safe and engaging setting with access to suitable persons to hire for their projects and create new collaborations with.

Arre! Arre! photo by Matilda Bogren
Loljud photo by Lisa Mårtensson
Ninoosh photo by Elina Kamby



The Malmö-based punk outfit first began playing together in early 2014, the brainchild of singer-guitarist Anna Palmer and singer and bassist Katja Nielsen. They had a common mission; to make no-nonsense punk with a political bent - and despite it being Anna’s first time playing in a band, they refused to let a lack of experience stand in their way, releasing the scintillating Word on the Street EP later that year. With the group fleshed out to a four-piece, their raucous debut LP A.T.T.A.C.K. followed in 2015, earning acclaim from the likes of Gold Flake Paint and The Line of Best Fit when it was made available outside Scandinavia for the first time in November 2018.

Since then, though, plenty has changed. Anna and Katja have reshuffled the band’s lineup, with kindred spirits Mattis Årestad and Totta Edlund joining on guitar and drums respectively. There’s been no shortage of material to inspire the band’s sophomore full-length, either; with political darkness descending on both their native Sweden and the world at large, Arre! Arre! are leading a ferocious fightback with their own incendiary, kick-to-the-face style punk.


Elin Hörberg has come a long way since her busy days as pianist in the band Skilla. Taking Feivel as a moniker to pursue a solo career, Hörberg’s music is now celebrated worldwide, even granting her collaborations and tours with renowned Swedish and international acts. Feivel has been described as ”A perfect mix of the UK band Daughter, and a 90’s flirt”. She’s been celebrated on blogs throughout the world, heard on Swedish and international radio, toured and recorded with the UK band Dry The River (link below) as well as performed with national and international artists such as Kristian Anttila (SE), Sarah Klang (SE) and Gregory Alan Isakov (US). 

On March 8th 2017, she released her first full length album ”My Mind and the Thunder Sky” which was celebrated on blogs and magazines in Sweden and abroad. The album consists mostly by songs written by Hörberg herself, but also features guest co-writers Peter Liddle (frontman in the UK band Dry the River) and producer of the album Måns Wikenmo. 

Feivel and her band builds up a dreamy, melancholic pop landscape where the dark lyric is presented with an airy, delicate singing voice. Her songs ”Home” and ”Already Standing” are featured in the Discovery documentary film ”Ibrahimovic - from Rosengård with more than one goal” as well as Fredrik and Magnus Gerttens ”Becoming Zlatan”. 

Her latest release ”Silent Night" was named one of the 30 best christmas songs 2017 by Sweden’s biggest newspaper Dagens Nyheter, alongside Sia, Mariah Carey, Ane Brun, Gwen Stefani etc.


Loljud, who has been compared to artists like The Knife, Björk and Sia, is recognised by her cross-artistic and unpredictable approach to electronic music. As a collector of sounds she sifts through the world with a butterfly net. Water drops, radio static and alarm clocks get caught in her net. Oljud (noise), which literally can be picked from her artist name, is not only surprises that glimmer in her production, but conceptual building blocks that brings the story forward. 

Lotta Fahlén (1990) is an artist and producer based in Malmö. In addition to her solo project Loljud, she composes music for other artists and for performance art. As a co-founder of the feminist network Synth Babes, as well as a mentor in the music production program Vem Kan Bli Producent Malmö, she is committed to inspire and educate women and transgender in music production and create a greater representation in the industry.


An intense sound sculptor using Ableton Live as her prime instrument, Anya Trybala AKA Ninoosh has been steadily carving out her unique musical style and production prowess. With Polish roots, and hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Ninoosh has finally found solid contentment and thriving creativity in her new home of Malmö, Sweden.

Ninoosh absorbs and records the intricate sounds of nature, contrasted with those of harsh industry, layering her tracks with bursts of synths, vocals and muted brass. Her live show is equally unique, offering of “music that shifts from intense IDM through to experimental electronic pop music” ( and 2018 saw her move bodies at Extreme Chill Festival in Iceland, play Eter Festival in Sweden and support the luminous Zola Jesus.

Through her frustration at the lack of role models in electronic music, Anya founded Synth Babes in 2015 as a platform for emerging women and non-binary electronic music artists.

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